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in south america and neighbors call it a graffiti bombing. the expensive damage done by vandals in one quick attack. . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at seven. >> good evening it's monday, february 25th. i'm gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at seven. we continue with continuation coverage of our developing news off of the coast of monterey. that is where they decided to press ahead with search ahead. after they receive a call that a boat was sinking. officials say that message last night came from a 29-foot sail boat taking on water. they say due to the boat's failing equipment they were only able to proximate mate the location. about 65 miles off of the coast of monterey. on board were a mother and
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father, their four-year-old son and 8-year-old cousin. it's unclear where the boat was from. the call indicated there were no life vests or survival sutsz. >> we don't know if they were able to make a makeshift life craft that -- raft that they were able to piece together. >> we're hoping it's not a hoax. the coast guard said, it's an laboratory one. the it plans to continue the search using boats. a couple went missing on a cycling trip in peru. they haven't been heard from in a month and a warning from the department is causing more concern. >>reporter: this is the last picture jamie neal and her boyfriend gart hand posted -- garrett hand posted on their facebook page. this is the last postthat they
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posted on his blog. >> we first must go to lima, we want -- we do not want to stay there long. >>reporter: garrett's family living room has been transformed into animation gathering headquarter. >> someone knows where he is right now. i want to hear from him. >>reporter: the family says garrett and jamie travelled from cusco to lima. but they officials say that witnesses saw the cousin in february. >> our family wants them to come home safely and we haven't heard from him. >>reporter: no cash transactions since last january. late this afternoon, the state department e-mailed us t "peru vian's authorities will do everything possible. the couple wouldn't take unnecessary risks. >> they wanted to know the people of south america and
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wanted to go to places they went. >>reporter: the u.s. embassy in peru issued warnings about kidnapping threats in the bike shop that jakie neal works raised $4,000 formation raising to the couple's safe return. authorizes are widening the search for a spukd in a las vegas shooting that killed three people. three-year-old ammar harris fired shots into a car killing the driver, consenty cherry jeanor and kraumzed a fiery crash. the man hunlt cell phone expended to several -- the manhunt is extented to several places happy used to live. he has a criminal history charges of kidnapping, pandering by force. here is a graffiti bombing and asking for help from the police. after getting a look at the extensive damage done by them
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over the weekend. >>reporter: we are talking about thousand's of dollars in damage. apartments and church covered in spray paint about five minutes from where we are at the police headquarters. >> this is pure vand limbs. >> just as the party was wrapping thursday saturday morning he heard commotion outside of his apartment. >> by the time i came out the crowd will disbursed but i noticed my entire building was completely defaced with graffiti. >>reporter: an apartment and a church west and chester were hit. >> i mean, seriously. no respect. you don't have respect for the lord. >> it hurt, you know, it brought tears to my eyes. >> this is not gang graffiti. this is a tagging crew that wants to make a name for itself. on you tube it's called graffiti bombing. >>reporter: some believe the same crew is related to other
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incidents near by. >> if you get caught you're subject to become a victim of violence. you brought this upon yourself and we don't want this to happen. >>reporter: police did not comment on camera this afternoon, but did confirm an officer went out to take a report. the neighbors are calling attention to this because they want it to stop and want the people responsible prosecuted. a neighborhood after he discovered a world war ii in his garage. about 3:30 today. police and a bomb civil code responded to the scene to safely remove the device. the home's previous tenants left the shell behind. the. staying open at least for now. the circumstance ate court of appeals granted an emergency easter farm which would have been forszed to close on thursday. the company can keep operating at the national seashore until
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the owner's appeal is heard. he would allow the company 40-year lease to expire and restore the area to a priestine state. on the wall street the downindustrial dro 2716 points after nazdaq suspect for it's ausz rarity efforts. the budget this week california could take a big hit. in ten minutes the jobs now on the line in education and the children it would hurt the most. the group consumer watchdog is raising questions about google's privacy policy. it is on the google wallet appear. the appear is violate -- the up is violating a 20-year consent decree without the user's permission. it's now asking the federal trade commission and california attorney general to investigate.
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in a statement today. google officials tell us the up does not violate the law or the consent decree. it says that google wallet shows the information to maintain accounts and this is clearly stated in the google walette privacy notice. there are time stamps that will release the smart phone. the company announced march 14thvent at radio city music hall. samsung doesn't say why but it's apparently going to reveal it's galaxy s four. yahoo announced a big policy change saying employees will no longer be allowed to work from home. an internal moemo says the tell commuting. marisa, mechlers while many employees are happy about it, they say it's necessary to revive the company. >> i think it needs to have an all hands on deck model at least for the short-term and that's why i think this is a smart
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move. >> well known names in business are also weighing in. virjin calls it a backwards step while donald trump says she is doing a great job. facebook wanted to down tribute case. some say they're used to exploit or harass the newtown victims. they called his office today and said they would remove the pages immediately. the exclusive favor stronger gun control despite the right to bear arms. 61% of the polls say it's more important to place controls on gun ownership. protecting gun owner rights should be given a high operate. 68% say teachers should not be armed at school. the teachers agreed. >> that sounds like more trouble
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tha than it's worth. sounds like more of a liability than a thing of security. >> i would be prefer to be taught defensive moves. >> a poll found more women are against teachers carrying guns by a 3-1 margin. thousands of parolee ease have removed their gps. they found that many of the paroles are sex offenders and little chance they'll be sent back to prison if they're caught without the tracker devices. one legislative bill is required tamper with the monitors serve three yearses. ad voe indicates for prison rights. prop tested. in the state capital. they say they keep prison are nors locked up far oo too long for -- prison officials say there are no procedures that allow them to get out of
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solitairy and avoiding gangs. two law makers are pushing for reform of the state public utility commission. they introduced a fwhal would audit cpuc accounts and check whether the agency is properly over seeing billons of dollars for projects. this comes after the agency's decision last october to suspend public hearings about how to fine them for the deadly 2010 pipe explosion. the vatican praerz to select a new pope. sglshgs prepares to select a new pope. what police are telling us so far tonight. if you watched the oscars last night, you are not alone. but the s the strategy to attract younger viewers work. a warmer trend is coming to the bay area. just how warm you're going to get. coming up. .
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on an ikea kitchen. . following developing news out of oakland. that's where authorities right now are searching for a suspect. this is happening in the area of 87th and birch. we're bringing you pictures from news chopper two taken an hour ago. oakland police, alameda k-nine-unit and bomb squad are on the scene. they also have a chopper over he did. it is a largely residential area no word on who authorities are looking for but the crews at the scene tells us that the police presentation has grown within the our. we will update you on this developing story tonight on the 150:00 news. attorneys for a bay area man for who spent ten years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. rob ross joined his lawyers to
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talk about the prosthaes led to his release. it took five years to get the conviction owe turned the his attorney said false testimony helps set ross free. >> he was convinced she couldn't stand behind the conviction anymore. it was just and i admire that. >> his attorney said thaefrpz stay on with their -- they'll stay on with their client probono. >> the. the cardinals are meeting at the vatican to the defendant" the vatican announced pope benedict changed church law to allow allow the process to begin without the 15-day wait period. the new pope could begin before the beginning of holy week. cardinal william la veda will
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take place. they speak with laveda today to see what he anticipates will event. >>reporter: william laveda never thought he would be part . >> it's pretty challenges. >>reporter: he's focussing in seminary. at 76-year-old at former cardinal will be of 115 cardinals who will select the next leader of the catholic church. >> we'll look for a mix of things. i'll look for a younger -- a younger man who still has energy at least for awhile. >>reporter: kindergarten national laveda leaves for roam tomorrow. he needs to rekindle the faith of the catholics. >> better ways of communication, better ways of presenting the beauty of the faith. >>reporter: mike russo of saint marry's college. says the days before the
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conclave starts they will have informal meetings to decide what they're looking for in a new leader. >> areas of concern come up and they can actually call in experts to talk to them. this is before they go to the conclave. >>reporter: cardinal lavado says the biggest concern is. >> making a mistake. i know i've been seven years. i know most of these cardinals. >>reporter: but not all of them. cardinal lavado sl says voting for someone he doesn't know seems daunting. four more surgeon general edward coop died at the age of 96. he became the best known and most transformative this country has ever seen. coop was a pioneer in aids. he ad voe indicated condoms for
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safe sex and tobacco which resulted in widespread smoking bans. the federal government, gulf state and private individuals are suing bp over the fires and oil p spill. lawyers from both sides traded accusations over who was to blame over the oil spill. with four days until the southwest sequester, president obama is urging congress to come up with a deal to provide deep cuts. >> the cuts do not have to happen. congress can turn them off at any time with just a little bit of com promise. >> the president addressed the issue at washington today at a meetings with someone some of the nations governors. if nothing is meet, classrooms, to meat inspection to defense spending would be affects. here in california billons of dollars and hundreds of
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thousands of jobs are at steak if the -- stake if the deadline is not met. california schools could be hit hard with 1,200 jobs lost. >>reporter: how barred is is the action on the issue of skwesz wrags. today in sacramento. 28 senators instancely agreed that's -- nonly agreed that is rare. >> the members of congress need to get it together. >>reporter: state treasurer bill lock year says it will be lead to slow growth in california. >> we expect there will be cuts that will ripple generally through the economy. >>reporter: federal cuts go to about $4 billion for the california economy. the military could $70 million. law enforcement funding could be reduced to the fbi and k through
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12 schools could lose $85 million. >> the white house is estimated california will take a $70 million cut in education. that is 760 jobs. >> eric hoffman says the funding cuts will impact title one programs which help the needest children. with bay areas facing daunting reductions. >> alameda county, for the whole county, we're talking about 28 million. >>reporter: one problem for school districts, how to plan their budgets because the cuts could be less if congress acts soon after the deadline or more in the long tefrm because we could face this deadline year after air. ken pritchett. . west coast stabilities such as ports. they were put on notice today that the cuts could slow dow ships. cargo ships can't deliver to
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u.s. ports. they could diversity to canada where their woshgers and economy will benefit. staunts at san francisco -- staunts -- students at san francisco are threatened with the loss of accreditedation. the commission wants city leaders and the federal department of education to intervene. did you watch the oscars last night, if so, you were one of more than 40 million people that did. last night's oscars are were the most watched in three years. the host seventh macfarland was brought in specifically to bring in younger viewers. the 18 to 49 grew by 11% over last year. meanwhile the bay area uncanny success. today's big party at pixar and
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white ous conditions are keeping most -- white ous conditions are keeping most
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people in texas. three inches of snow are in that area making roads unpassable. they're warning people not to go outside. they're also in kansas and oklahoma. completely different story in the bay area today. wait until we get to friday. >> yes. i would actually like to have a little bit of that snow but hard to griep about what we have here. we have mostly clear skies overhead. seizianal weather in -- seasonal weather in store. generally light out there. nine miles an hour. a light breeze in napa and winds are bearable. temperatures are starting to cool off but not too bad. 51 in ray ward. -- in hayward. a few places beginning to feel a little more chilly as you get outside. backing up just a little bit. we continue to watch storms past over the north of us but they're not coming dow the south of us
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to bring us any rain. a few clouds from time to time but that's all we're going to see. high pressure will be strengthening as we get into the second half of the week and that will drive our temperatures up. today we were in the low to mid-60's. by wednesday, nearing #50i7 agrees and then friday low 70's in the forecast. as we get out the door tomorrow morning it's going to be chilly once again. mostly clear skies. ps just a few deagreeses above freezing. upper 30's to low 40's for most of us. 45 expected in san francisco. forecasted highs for tomorrow. right about what we felt today. some areas will be slightly wrong. 66 santa rosea. 66 in anapa. 63 for you san francisco.
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dow into the santa clara valley a nice day for you. mid-60's. 67 for sanda cruz. there's the extended forecast. a little change expected for the next couple of day aendz then the numbers go up. upper 60's to lower 70's. thursday into friday and into the weekend. mrudy skies. just slightly cooler near saturday and sunday, still nice, upper 60's in the forecast. overnight lows, eventually bumping up in the low 40's for the weekend. gasia. thank you. the animation studio toasted the oscar win today with scott. the movie brave won best animated feature film. clad in a kilt and traditional dress, they accepted award. today they brought the oscar back to emoryville. it is also a disney princess
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story. it focuses on her relationship with her mother. thank you for trusting. ktvu channel news. we'll continue with the 10:00 news and a controversy to cut dow trees town trees. .
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